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Alcoba del Rey in Entretejas

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El Hotel Alcoba del Rey es uno de los espacios sevillanos que participa este año en Entretejas, un interesante proyecto para llevar la cultura y la diversión al publico en las azoteas y terrazas de Sevilla, aprovechando el buen tiempo y las ganas de pasarlo bien.


A lo largo de la primavera, el verano y también parte del otoño de 2013 disfrutaremos de numerosos eventos culturales varios en la Terraza del Hotel, donde los asistentes podrán pedir bebidas refrescantes de nuestro kiosko bar.


Entre los eventos destacamos cine, música, recitales de poesía y la novedad de este año: sesiones de tai-chi para todos.


El Alcoba del Rey en Entretejas:


Mas información sobre Entretejas aquí:


Puedes seguir Entretejas en Facebook aquí:



Fotografía obtenida de la página en Facebook de Entretejas



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Enjoy your own mansion in the centre of Seville

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Can you imagine being able to enjoy your own palace in the centre of Seville for some days? Now we give you the chance to book Alcoba del Rey Hotel in whole and exclusively, making use of every room, the terrace, the patio and the breakfast lounge, and with the direct attention of our reception staff to inform you.


It is a great opportunity to have joy in a great home in the core of Seville for large families, groups of friends, gatherings, meetings, parties, weddings, etc.


Guests will be able to lodge in every room in the hotel and enjoy common areas and the jacuzzi on the terrace with absolute exclusiveness. At usual times, they will get cleaning service in their rooms, breakfast and the personalized attention of our reception.


Daily hiring rates are as follows:

  – Low season:  1.300€ (taxes and breakfast included)

  – Middle season:  1.700€ (taxes and breakfast included)

  – High Season:  2.300€ (taxes and breakfast included)


For this kind of special booking we require a two day minimum stay and complete prepayment in advance in a determined time.


For further information you can get in touch with us 24 hours in the following ways:

- On the phone: 954 91 58 00

- By email:




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More messages of our guests on our visitor book

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As you already know, we have a visitor book in our hotel at the disposal of the guests who wish to write something down in a completely free manner.

Now and then, we publish here at Facebook some of the messages that our guest set down. That’s why we here issue two of the notes that they have let down not long ago.


Message # 1:


This message reads in French:

“03/12/2013  Belle surprise en arrivant dans cet hôtel avec style andalou–arabe. Bien soigné, personnel très sympathique et agréable. Nous recommandons cet endroit!” 


The translation into English would be the following:

“03/12/2013  Nice surprise when arriving at this hotel of Andalusian-Arabic style. Well maintained, very kind and agreeable personnel. We recommend this place!”


We have deleted the names of the authors for privacy reasons.


Message # 2: 


The message says in Spanish:

“Planificamos un fin de semana para relajarnos y nos encontramos con un hotel encantador y con maravilloso personal. Cariñosos y eficientes.



We have deleted the names of the authors for privacy reasons.


The translation into English is as follows:

“We planned a weekend for relax and came across a charming hotel with wonderful staff, kind and efficient.

                               We will repeat”


Message # 3


This message reads in English:

“Thank you for GREAT hospitality.

Food was delicious, room excellent and city beautiful.”


We have deleted the names of the authors for privacy reasons.


Issue featured by Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel




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Special offer for the exhibition on the Holy Shroud in Seville

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Friends of Alcoba del Rey.   


So you can come to Seville and have the chance to behold the extraordinary exhibition on the Holy Shroud of Turin, we offer you this special offer for the period of time between the Holy Week and the Festival, a time of unsurpassable weather in our city.


Thus, the offer is valid from 4 to 15 April inclusive.


The offer includes the following:

   — One night in a superior romantic room for two people…

    — Two tickets for the exhibition on the Holy Shroud in Seville…   

    — Breakfast included with the possibility to have it served in the room or in our terrace…  

   — Bottle of cava…

    — Chocolate bonbons…

   — Incense and candles in the room.


The price of the offer  for one night is 150€ (taxes included).


You will not have to bother going to buy the tickets because we get the for you and give them to you at reception together with you room key…


After the Holy Week, you shouldn’t miss the chance to get to know everything about the sheet that most likely wrapped the body of Christ after the crucifixion, the body of the man that has most influenced the history of the last two millenniums.


To book your room you can get in touch with us anytime in the following ways:

  – On the phone954 91 58 00

  – By email:



Further information on the Exposition about the Holy Shroud here:




 Negativo fotográfico de la Sábana Santa mostrando el rostro del crucificado




Fotografía de la Sábana Santa al trasluz mostrando el cuerpo completo



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Exhibition of the Holy Shroud in Seville

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From 6th March to 28th June, the city of Seville lodges an extraordinary exhibition about the Holy Shroud of Turin, the cloth the supposedly wrapped the lying body of Christ after the crucifixion and which could be the reliable evidence of the divinity of the Messiah.


Coming from Malaga, where it has been highly successful with up to 50.000 visits, this presentation has an unique and unprecedented character since it is the first time that people can view in an itinerant display high quality replicas of the shroud of an unequalled accuracy as well as a sculpted Christ carved by professor Jose Manuel Minarro, an expert in sindonology and a skilled religious image maker, which represents the body of the man covered by the cloth with great precision.


In this exhibition, we will be able to behold all the physical and physiological aspects of the body of the crucified man, the historical contemplation of the holy shroud and the exhausting and exhaustive scientific study the cloth has undergone for years, without the origin of the image shown on it has been resolved.


Trustworthy copies of the cloth of unsurpassable exactness, reproductions of the body of the racked man and his face, Jewish sepulchres from the 1st century “anno domini”, Roman coins like the ones granted to Judas and all kind of items from that time are waiting for us at this stunning exhibition.


 The original Holy Shroud is zealously kept in a strongroom in the Italian city of Turin and is only presented publicly once a year.


The place chosen for the exhibition is Antiqvarivm (at Encarnacion quarter), also known as “las setas”. Visits last 55 minutes and are assisted by audioguides in several languages.



Addres: Encarnación Square,  Sevilla

Telephone: 955 471 580



    — From Mondays to Sundays from 10:00 to 20:00 h 

    — Saturdays from 10:00 to 22:00 h. 



   — 8€, general ticket.

   — 6€, special ticket (pensioner, unemployed and handicapped people, groups of 20 parishioners) 

   — 3€, school ticket (school students and people under 18 years old). 

   — People under 5 years old, free entrance 

   — Audioguide always included. 


Further information on



Picture of the original Holy Shroud in Turín



Enhanced Negative Photograph of the Holy Shroud in Turin


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“Anticipate Spring” Offer

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Friends of Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla!!!

Now you can take advantage of the good weather of Seville at the beginning of March and stay at the Alcoba del Rey, where you can anticipate spring.

That’s why we offer you this attractive offer:   

   — One night in a superior room for two people.

   — Breakfast included served in the room, on the terrace or in the breakfast lounge.

   — “Yes for LoveSensual kit

   — Late check-out till 15:00 h.

All just for 120€ (taxes included).

From 28th of February to 17th of March and under availability.


Moreover, we offer you the possibility to get a relaxing massage for two people for 50€ extra.

To book, you just have to get in touch with us through …   

  — Email:

  – Phone (24 hours): 954 91 58 00




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The Mudejar Route

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The town hall of Sevilla presented on Februry 14th “the Mudejar Route” of the city, which makes its way through the north area of the old town (Macarena district) linking different landmarks, buildings and churches with great patrimonial wealth within this singular Christian-Moslem art from the 12th to the16th centuries and is backed by a guide that can be already acquired in the main tourism information points.

The Mudejar Route begins at the Almohade wall of Macarena (from the Gate of Cordoba to the Arch of Macarena) and passes by the churches of San Gil, Santa Marian, San Marcos and Santa Paula, then by Palace of las Dueñas (residence of the Duchess of Alba), and ends up at the church of Omnium Sanctorum and the adjacent Palace of Marqueses de la Algaba, where we can find the Centre of Interpretation of Mudejar Art (, showing objects from that period and the habits and traditions of those people.

The Mudejar Route, with an approximate length of 90 minutes, mainly runs through San Gil and Feria quarters in Macarena district, which are part of the old town and the centre of Seville, the area where Mudejar art mostly developed after the conquer of the city by king Fernando III.

We have to point out that in Seville we also have some other outstanding milestones as Palace of King Don Pedro (within Reales Alcazares), House of Pilatos, the churches of Santa Catalina, Santa Lucia and San Julian and Tower of Don Fadrique, they all overflowing with interest and wealthy artistic legacy.

Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel, inspired in Andalusi and Mudejar arts, is to be found within this route, just 50 meters from the Almohade Wall (s. XI) and around 100 meters from the church of San Gil (s. XIII), two of the main visitable landmarks. From here we encourage you to decide to include this interesting cultural proposal in your list of significant places to visit in the city of  Seville.


Further information on the link below: 




Note issued by Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel




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Najma Suha, professional eastern dancer

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Friends of Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel,

Last september, gorgeous professional eastern dancer Najma Suha, chose Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel to have a brilliant photo session wearing her beautiful and genuine dancing suites.

Najma, pupil of Nakthmin and Kamel, has taken part in the 3rd International Festival Isbilia with the group of Tribal-Fusion Andromeda and has shared the stage with figures of international fame like Lolie Vernet, Alba Hayal and Mohamed el Sayed. Her great talent and professional and artistic skill together with her enormous determination to improve even more her already outstanding ability for dance are making her earn a deserved and notable fame in this sublime world of eastern dance and in Tribal-Fusion, where she already bights with a unique style of her own. Najma is no doubt a name to take into account in this art in a not distant future.


Pictures of Najma Suha from her photo session at Hotel alcoba del Rey de Sevilla:




For further information on Najma Suha

- Website

- Najma Suha at




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Fakhari Ceramics, proveedora de productos del Hotel Alcoba del Rey

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.


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The Church of Saint Gil

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La Iglesia de San Gil es una de esas pequeñas joyas que muy a menudo pasamos por alto cuando viajamos a una ciudad nueva. Tendemos a fijarnos únicamente en grades y afamados monumentos, para nada desmerecidos, y nos dejamos atrás otros tan valiosos como por ejemplo esta parroquia del barrio de la Macarena.

Esta iglesia, ubicada en la recoleta Plaza de San Gil, linda con la Basílica de la Macarena, y fue otrora sede de esta hermandad. Construida a finales del siglo XIII, es un hermoso ejemplar del arte gótico-mudejar que se desarrolló en nuestra ciudad después de la conquista de Fernando III.

La Iglesia de San Gil, considerada patrimonio histórico desde 1931, está a tan sólo 100 metros del Hotel Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla, que disfruta de una ubicación perfecta, rodeado de edificios monumentales como éste.

Dirección: Plaza de San Gil nº 2, Sevilla

Teléfono: 954 37 13 68

Google Maps:


Más info:

   — Fuente 1:

   — Fuente 2:

   — Fuente 3:


Para ver fotografías de la Iglesia de San Gil, hacer clic en el vínculo de abajo:




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