Notes written by guests on the visit book of the hotel… 2

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Here follow three notes written by the hotel guests on the visitor book that we have at the disposal of everybody in the central patio and on which they can write whatever they wish.


Note # 1


In this note we can read in English.

We really enjoyed our stay! Helpful staff, great rooms & delicious breakfast. Thank you Alcoba del Rey.




Note # 2


The second note reads as follows.

Un hotel especial en una ciudad mágica, lástima que de las “mil y una noches,” sólo perdieron se dos.

Agradecimientos de los maños.


Translation into English would be the following.

A special hotel in a magic city, a pitty that of “the one thousand and one nights” only two were lost.

Thanks from the Aragonese.



Note # 3


On the third one we can read.


Gracias por dejarnos disfrutar de este hotel con encanto.

Familia [ ] [ ]


Translation into English would be the following.


Thanks for letting us enjoy this charming hotel.

[ ] [ ] Family

Names or signatures of guests have been here omitted or covered for privacy reasons.



Issue featured by Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel



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Travel items and present on “Viajes & Trips”

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Friends of Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla!!!


Our friends and colleagues of the renown website devoted to travels and called “Viajes & Trips” ( have just opened an on-line shop in which you can purchase all kind of interesting travel items and presents with that logo that their fans and followers love so much.


From now on, both if you are already a fan of them or not, you can get one of their products without moving away from your laptop, tablet pc or mobile browser.


To go to the on-line shop by Viajes and Trips, just clic on the link below:


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Notas de los clientes en el libro de visitas del hotel… 1

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.


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An Arabic poet writes on our visit book

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Friends of Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla,

A gentle poet from Saudi Arabia who stayed with us some days ago, moved by the genuine sensations that he lived in the warm environment of the hotel, was so kind to write some beautiful original Arabic lines on our visit book. This book is at the disposal of every client and visitor who wishes to record down their words on it.

The poem that he wrote is the following one…



Issue featured by Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel



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Offer for Seville’s Marathon 2013

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As we already advanced around two months ago, on 24th February, the 29th Edition of Seville’s Marathon will take place.

Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla hotel can be ideal for runners coming to Seville to take part in the Marathon and looking for a charming hotel. Since we are located in the Northern area of the old town, by the Church of Macarena, our establishment is the hotel of the centre which is closest to “Isla de la Cartuja”, where the race finish is to be found. Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla is a charming little Boutique Hotel for those who wish something special.


For the night of the 23rd to the 24th of February, we offer the following special rates per person and night:

    – Double Room for single use:   90€ (taxes included).

    – Double Room for 2 people:   100€ (taxes included).

    – Triple Room:   145€ (taxes included).


This rates include lodgement, breakfast and late check-out till 15:00 h on the 24th of February.

On the 24th in the morning, breakfast will be served from 6:00 a.m. so that runners can have breakfast before the race.

We also offer the possibility of getting a half an hour sport massage after the race for a special price of 25€. Massages are only offered under availability and have to be booked at least 24 hours before.



Promocional Video for Seville’s Marathon 2013:


Issue published by Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel



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Alcoba del Rey in Route Via de la Plata

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In 2013, Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel is again one of the companies taking part in “Via de la Plata” route and offers discounts to clients who suitably prove to be travellers of this route.


“Via de la Plata” route goes from Seville to Gijon and comprehends every town and village in this road and other neighbouring ones. Among them, we could mention the following ones (never despising at all those not drafted here): Carmona, Monesterio, Cáceres, Plasencia, Béjar, Zamora, Benavente, León, Mieres, etc. It is no doubt a very appealing road, full of culture, history, tradition, gastronomy and diverse attractions.  


A large portfolio of hotels and companies located in the towns and villages of the route participate as sponsors and offer discounts, advantages and services to travellers holding one of the promotional cards created for this purpose. These cards are “Pasaporte de la Ruta” (Route’s Passport) and “Moto Via Card”, which can be requested on-line on the official website of the Route or in tourism offices in the towns taking part.


Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla hotel offers a 15% discount off rack rates to all guests who identify themselves as traveller of the route by presenting at reception one of the two mentioned cards. This discount is not cumulative to other offers and promotions.


We encourage you to get your “Pasaporte de la Ruta” or your “Moto Vía Card” in order to be able to get advantage of this discount.


To visist the website of “Vía de la Plata” Route, just click on the link below:


Link to the space of Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel on the website of “Via de la Plata” Route:

    – 1) 



    – 2)






Issue published by Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel  



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Article about the Hotel on La Crónica de Sevilla newpaper

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The university digital newspaper La Crónica de Sevilla“, belonging to CEADE (information sciences area) has issued an article on Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel an the possibility this hotel offer to purchase handcraft andalusi items directly imported from Moroco.

To view the article on the internet, you just clic on the link below:


Screenshot of the website showing the aforementioned article on the internet

Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla




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Saint Valentine’s Special Offer

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Sorprende a tu pareja y traela a pasar una noche especial para las fechas de San Valentín!!!!


Por sólo 125€ (i.v.a. incluido) puedes pasar una noche maravillosa e inolvidable en una habitación doble superior llena de encanto y romanticismo. Tu pareja jamás te olvidará. Dale el gustazo porque se lo merece.


Y por 25€ más (i.v.a.) incluido puedes reservar una Junior Suite romántica.


Te ofrecemos gratuitamente una botella de cava, bombones, inciensos de Marrakech, velas y el desayuno en la habitación.


Y si lo deseáis, por un suplemento adicional de 50€, podréis disfrutar cada uno de un agradable masaje relajante de media hora.


Esta oferta es válida del 8 al 17 de febrero de 2013 y no es acumulable con otras ofertas o descuentos.


Si deseas reservar u obtener más información, puedes contactar con nosotros en cualquier momento de la siguiente forma:

—- Por teléfono954 91 58 00

—- Por 



Hotel Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla



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Compilation of 360 degrees compositons featured up to now

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Today we publish a compilation of all the 360 grades photographic compositions that we have featured here up to now.

These spherical compositions have been taken from the website of Sevilla in 360 grades (, excepting the last one in the list, San Luis de los Fraceses Church’s, which has been obtained from the website of Diputacion de Sevilla.

We published the first 360 grades composition on 28th November last year, and up to now we have issued 18 in all, which you can find here below.

By this we intend to let you enjoy images of Seville with a small informative and historical depiction so you come to know places that you are not acquainted yet and get in touch again with those you are already familiar with, increasing your knowledge about them.

Arenal District (1):

Arenal District (2):

Postigo Arch (Arco del Postigo):

Basilica of Gran Poder:

Town Hall from Nueva Square (Plaza Nueva):

Alamillo Bridge:

Constitucion Avenue (1):

Constitucion Avenue (2):

Guadalquivir River:

España Square (Plaza de España) (1):

España Square (Plaza de España) (2):

España Square (Plaza de España) (3):

Interior of Basilica of Macarena:


Gold Tower (Torre del Oro):


Parliament of Andalusia:


San Luis de los Franceses Church:

Issue published by Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel, your Hotel in Sevilla:



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Arenal District in 360º

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On the website by Sevilla in 360 degrees ( we can find 360 degrees photographic compositions showing the most typical, characteristic and distinctive monuments and places in Seville.

If we click on the link below, we can watch Arenal district (Barrio del Arenal) in 360º ( Arenal (meaning sandy ground) is one of the most characteristic and representative districts in Seville and is located in the old town between the river, the bull ring and Plaza Nueva. Very well known in this area are the following streets: Adriano Arfe, Dos de Mayo, Temprado, Velarde and Antonia Díaz. In the wake of the discovery of America and the resulting trade with the West Indies in the 16th and 17th centuries, this district became one of the most important port areas in the world. The quarter currently occupied by the bull ring was at that time a sandy esplanade where all kind of lively activities typical of a prosper trading harbour city were to be found. Nowadays this district is the meeting point of many Sevillian people who gather around the world of bullfighting, flamenco, theatre, opera and the Holy Week. Some places deserve a special visit: Hospital de la Caridad, the old Royal Shipyard (Reales Atarazanas), the Bull Ring and its museum, Torre del Oro and the Chapels of Carreteria and Baratillo Brotherhoods.

– Link # 1 to Arenal district in 360º:


– Link # 2 to Arenal district in 360º:


We recommend watching compositions in 360º in full screen mode and increasing the zoom. This tools are provided on the left lower side of the website.


Further information on Arenal district on:


Issue published by Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel



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