Frequent asked questions

- Can I buy any object in the hotel?
- Yes, that’s it. Everything you can see and touch is on sale. If you take a fancy to an object, you can ask in the reception and you will be able to buy it for a very interesting price.

- What is the best way to get about Seville?
- Although the city is quite big, it is preferable to park your car and use public transportation services, bus and tram. It is a comfortable city to walk through the center and there is a local service for renting bikes.

- What time is check in and check out?
- Check-in is from 13:30 and check-out is from 12 h.

- Where can I taste typical food from Seville?
- In our restaurant, Abacería Reino de Taifas; although we can recommend you other places depending on your needs.

- What is the difference between a charming hotel and a hotel-boutique?
- A charming hotel is an establishment with details that make you feel at home. The “boutique” concept means that you can buy every object or article of decoration that calls your attention.

- What aspect do your clients value the most?
- Mainly our personalized attention as well as the kindness of our employees. Also the elegant decoration remains in the memory of our guests. Additionally, they value the calm and relax they feel after trying our free jacuzzi. Concerning our rooms, the Abenamar room is the most valued by our clients.