Aben Baso

  • Colourful carved headboards.
  • One balcony.
  • Old ceilings as Moorish Style.
  • Hidraulic floor.
  • 2.20 x 1.40 mirror.
  • Stuccoed bathroom with four mirrors.


Ahmad Ben Base (Ahmad Ibn Basuh) is defined in the biographical sources as “chief of those which built Al-Andalus”. The Almohade caliph summoned “every architect and builder from Seville, those from Al-Andalus, and with them, those from Marrakesh, those from Fez and those living beyond the strait” to build the new great mosque. Ben Baso was in charge of this huge team. The well-known architect designed the minaret of the mosque so called Giralda. He built the base with stone (the rest of the tower was made of brick later). He is also known for working in the Buhayra palace.