• Old canopy bed.
  • Old colourful ceiling as Moorish style.
  • 4 balconies (corner).
  • Hydraulic floor.
  • 1.90 x 1.10 bath made of distressed cream-coloured marble.
  • Old chest of drawers painted by hand.


Muhammed ibn Abd Allah ibn Abi Amir in Mansur managed Al-Andalus during several decades by delaying the anguish of the Andalusia Caliphate. He climbed in a vertiginous way in the heart of the califal power. As a successful military man and skilled politician, he tried to compete with the beautiful court of Madinat al-Zahrá, designing and building his own Madinat al-Záhira.  Al-Mansur was admired and dreaded at the same time. He did not belong to the Court, had no fortune in the beginning and was not a faqih. However, he became the last legend of the Andalusi tradition. His son Abd al-Malik succeeded him as the “háyib”, administrator-governor. Almanzor is well-known for spreading the Andalusi power to León, Zamora, Coimbra, Barcelona, etc. He also brought the Santiago de Compostela Bells to the Mosque of Córdoba.