Princesa Wallada

  • Wrought-iron canopy bed.
  • Old ceiling as Moorish style.
  • Four balconies (corner).
  • Hydraulic floor.
  • 1.90 x 1.10 bath made of distressed cream-coloured marble.
  • Old chest of drawers painted by hand.


The princess Wallada, Calif Mustafki’s daughter, belonging of the royal family Omeva, was a famous poetess during the 11th century. Tumultuous woman with an agitated life, much thought that the women of this period had more freedom than in any other Islamic society. After her father’s dead, when she was only 17 years old and thanks to Mustafki funds, Wallada opened a palace and a literary club in Córdoba, where she offered education on poetry, singing and the art of love to daughters from rich families and even to slaves. At the age of 20, she met the man of her life. It is a meeting between famous people: Ben Zaydun is a noble man of excellent position, with a great political influence and, without doubt, the most elegant and attractif intellectual man of his time. But Wallada is the most cultivated, famous and provocative women in Cíordoba. She walks on the street without a veil and wears dresses or transparent tunics with her poems embroidered. Ruined, Wallada traveled the Taifa kindoms of Spain, and possibly the Christian Spain too, showing others her talent and, maybe, granting her favours -although she always came back to Ben Abdús. She lived in his palace, beautiful and haughty, until she was 80 years old. “My God! I deserve the greatness and I follow my path full of proud. I give my cheek to the man I love, and my kisses to who may want them”.