Rey Al-Mutamid

  • Wooden bed with ivory.
  • Two balconies.
  • Old beige marble floor.
  • Stoneware bath with horseshoe arch windows.
  • Mirrors with horseshoe shape.


The son and succesor of Al-Mutamid increased his kingdom with the conquest of Córdoba and Murcia (1078), but had to pay an expensive tribute to king Alfonso VI of Castille and Ramón Berenguer II of Barcelona. Threaten by Castille after the concquest of Toledo by Alfonso VI (1085), and following the advise of Ibn Ammar, he decided to ask the almoravids for help . He helped them to defeat the christians in Zalaca (1086). However, he was deposed by Yosuf ibn Tash and exiled to Africa, where he died. Al Mutamid was a famous poet and, during his kingdom, the culture flourisehd in Seville.