• Sol en marbre beige vieilli.
  • Table de nuit, bureau et miroir en bois de cèdre.
  • Baignoire en fer fondu.
  • Salles de bain stuquées.
  • Armoire aves des arches outrepassés.


Abu Muhammad Ali Ibn Hazm was born in Cordoba in 994 in an aristocratic family from Andalusian origin. He was a politician, theologian, philosopher, historian and literary writer. He wrote the most beautiful work about love in Arab language ‘El collar de la Paloma’ (the necklace of the dove). He was also persecuted all his life due to his polemical ideas. You will enjoy this beautiful room with its large old iron bath, its mirror made of cedar wood and the Moorish arches which will remind you of that fascinating times.