El Arco del Postigo en 360º

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On the website by Sevilla in 360 degrees (www.sevillaen360.es) we can find 360 degrees photographic compositions showing the most typical, characteristic and distinctive monuments and places in Seville.

If we click on the link below, we can watch Arco del Postigo (Arch of the Wicket) in 360º (http://goo.gl/maps/obJ1a). The Arch of Postigo (Arch of the Wicket) is also known as Postigo del Aceite (Wicket for Oil), a name it was given since it was the gate through which olive oil arrived in Seville. Together with Macarena Arch is the only presently remaining access of the old city wall. It is located in Almirantazgo Street, by the royal shipyard, and was erected in 1107 by order of emir Ben Yusuf. In the 12th century it was called in Arabic “Bad al-Qatay” (Ships Gate) as the shipyard for building boats were found right beside.


Link to Arco del Postigo in 360º:



We recommend watching compositions in 360º in full screen mode and increasing the zoom. This tools are provided on the left lower side of the website.


Further information on Arco del Postigo on:



Issue published by Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel



This picture is a screenshot of the 360 degrees composition taken from the aforementioned website.

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