Recopilación de composiciones en 360 grados publicadas hasta ahora

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Today we publish a compilation of all the 360 grades photographic compositions that we have featured here up to now.

These spherical compositions have been taken from the website of Sevilla in 360 grades (, excepting the last one in the list, San Luis de los Fraceses Church’s, which has been obtained from the website of Diputacion de Sevilla.

We published the first 360 grades composition on 28th November last year, and up to now we have issued 18 in all, which you can find here below.

By this we intend to let you enjoy images of Seville with a small informative and historical depiction so you come to know places that you are not acquainted yet and get in touch again with those you are already familiar with, increasing your knowledge about them.

Arenal District (1):

Arenal District (2):

Postigo Arch (Arco del Postigo):

Basilica of Gran Poder:

Town Hall from Nueva Square (Plaza Nueva):

Alamillo Bridge:

Constitucion Avenue (1):

Constitucion Avenue (2):

Guadalquivir River:

España Square (Plaza de España) (1):

España Square (Plaza de España) (2):

España Square (Plaza de España) (3):

Interior of Basilica of Macarena:


Gold Tower (Torre del Oro):


Parliament of Andalusia:


San Luis de los Franceses Church:

Issue published by Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel, your Hotel in Sevilla:


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