Notas de los clientes en el libro de visitas del hotel… 2

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Here follow three notes written by the hotel guests on the visitor book that we have at the disposal of everybody in the central patio and on which they can write whatever they wish.


Note # 1


In this note we can read in English.

We really enjoyed our stay! Helpful staff, great rooms & delicious breakfast. Thank you Alcoba del Rey.




Note # 2


The second note reads as follows.

Un hotel especial en una ciudad mágica, lástima que de las “mil y una noches,” sólo perdieron se dos.

Agradecimientos de los maños.


Translation into English would be the following.

A special hotel in a magic city, a pitty that of “the one thousand and one nights” only two were lost.

Thanks from the Aragonese.



Note # 3


On the third one we can read.


Gracias por dejarnos disfrutar de este hotel con encanto.

Familia [ ] [ ]


Translation into English would be the following.


Thanks for letting us enjoy this charming hotel.

[ ] [ ] Family

Names or signatures of guests have been here omitted or covered for privacy reasons.



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