Exposición de la Sábana Santa en Sevilla

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From 6th March to 28th June, the city of Seville lodges an extraordinary exhibition about the Holy Shroud of Turin, the cloth the supposedly wrapped the lying body of Christ after the crucifixion and which could be the reliable evidence of the divinity of the Messiah.


Coming from Malaga, where it has been highly successful with up to 50.000 visits, this presentation has an unique and unprecedented character since it is the first time that people can view in an itinerant display high quality replicas of the shroud of an unequalled accuracy as well as a sculpted Christ carved by professor Jose Manuel Minarro, an expert in sindonology and a skilled religious image maker, which represents the body of the man covered by the cloth with great precision.


In this exhibition, we will be able to behold all the physical and physiological aspects of the body of the crucified man, the historical contemplation of the holy shroud and the exhausting and exhaustive scientific study the cloth has undergone for years, without the origin of the image shown on it has been resolved.


Trustworthy copies of the cloth of unsurpassable exactness, reproductions of the body of the racked man and his face, Jewish sepulchres from the 1st century “anno domini”, Roman coins like the ones granted to Judas and all kind of items from that time are waiting for us at this stunning exhibition.


 The original Holy Shroud is zealously kept in a strongroom in the Italian city of Turin and is only presented publicly once a year.


The place chosen for the exhibition is Antiqvarivm (at Encarnacion quarter), also known as “las setas”. Visits last 55 minutes and are assisted by audioguides in several languages.



Addres: Encarnación Square,  Sevilla

Telephone: 955 471 580



    — From Mondays to Sundays from 10:00 to 20:00 h 

    — Saturdays from 10:00 to 22:00 h. 



   — 8€, general ticket.

   — 6€, special ticket (pensioner, unemployed and handicapped people, groups of 20 parishioners) 

   — 3€, school ticket (school students and people under 18 years old). 

   — People under 5 years old, free entrance 

   — Audioguide always included. 


Further information on http://sabanasantaexpo.com/



Picture of the original Holy Shroud in Turín



Enhanced Negative Photograph of the Holy Shroud in Turin


 Issue featured by Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla Hotel



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